The Imaginata is an experimentarium for the senses. It promotes inventiveness, imagination and creativity. In addition to more than 100 experiments, some of which can be walked through, in the station park and the imaginata theatre, exhibitions and workshops are also offered for all those who like to try things out - whether young or old.

In the switchgear halls and on the open-air grounds of the old Jena-Nord transformer station, the Imaginata is developing a field of experience for perceiving and marvelling, playing and pondering, discovering and inventing. The visitors do not remain observers, but are themselves in the midst of it and can try out many things: e.g. the high-wire wheel - a balancing act for daredevils, the hearing mirror ears - portable resonators change everything you hear or the light labyrinth - finding the way without setting off an alarm at the light barriers. The Station Park can be visited at almost any time throughout the year. Registration is absolutely necessary. By appointment, trained personnel will then be available for a supervised tour. Every season, the station park is expanded with a few new features.



The Imaginata regularly offers interesting events and events. Below you will find an overview of current events and upcoming dates.

Foto: Theodor Barth, © JenaKultur

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