Romantikerhaus Jena

The Romantikerhaus Jena, in the former home of the philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, is today a literature museum on Jena's early Romanticism.

Not only is the legendary Romantic meeting of 1799 commemorated here, but Jena's outstanding cultural charisma around 1800 is also demonstrated. The interaction of poetry, philosophy, art and natural science established a new aesthetic here that is still influential today.

The exhibition depicts the intellectual climate of those years (roughly from 1785 to 1800) in which early Romanticism was able to flourish as a literary-philosophical current and, at times, even as a shared way of life.



All year round, a variety of extraordinary exhibitions impress guests at the Romantikerhaus in Jena.

Foto: Karoline Krampitz, © Karoline Krampitz

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