Dinosaur Trail Trixi Triassic

Starting at the foot of the Jenzig, the dinosaur trail winds its way up to the top in several serpentines. Along the way, you will learn interesting facts about dinosaurs and their habitat in the Triassic geological era 250 million years ago at many stations. There are life-size dinosaur figures that can be brought to life with augmented reality (download the app SaurierPfad Jena beforehand ios / Android). Geological features, fossils and the history of the origin of the Jenzig are explained in an understandable way. The path is very vividly designed, especially for children - they follow dinosaur tracks from station to station and are accompanied by Trixi via audio guide. The 360° panoramas let you immerse yourself in worlds long gone. Once at the top, there is a fantastic view over today's Saale Valley and, if necessary, you can take a short break at the Jenzig mountain inn.