Petersberg Citadel

Above the old town of Erfurt rises the Petersberg Citadel - one of the largest and only largely preserved baroque city fortresses in Central Europe. Star-shaped, it was considered the most modern fortification of the time and impregnable. Since 1990 it has been reconstructed with great attention to detail and at great expense.

During a visit to the citadel, you can explore the new exhibition in the commandant's house as well as the listening passages in the strong walls of the fortress or simply enjoy the fantastic view over the old town. As the crown of the city, the Petersberg has shaped the cityscape of the Thuringian state capital for centuries and is a popular destination for Erfurt residents as well as their guests to linger and explore.

To ensure that as many sections of the Petersberg Citadel as possible are available to all guests, access to the fortress grounds has been redesigned. Thus, a passenger elevator on the fortress wall to the upper plateau facilitates the ascent. Also the panorama path, which starts at the cathedral square, makes it possible to reach the citadel independently and without further aids.



Die Kinder-Werkstatt als außerschulischer Lernort bietet vielfältige Möglichkeiten, sich an verschiedensten Orten handlungsorientiert mit der Geschichte des Petersberges auseinanderzusetzen. Passend für unsere jüngeren Gäste haben wir in den Herbstferien spannende Führungen entwickelt, bei denen sie sich auf eine Entdeckungstour durch die geheimnisvollen Wege der Festungsanlage begeben.


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